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Divina Caballo, Founder of Free Spirit Academy

Divina is an abundance enlightenment coach helping people unblock all their subconscious and superconscious blocks to abundance with business, relationships,

What does confidence have to do with unblocking your creativity and abundance?

Confidence is such a big part of success. Without confidence, you have self-doubt which is the biggest blocker to success.

What joy can do for your creativity and abundance?

If the purpose of your life is joy then why do many of us struggle with having it. In this

What does bold courage have to do with success?

Boldness has genius power! This that are bold are those that successfully achieve their dreams! If u want your life

What does trust have to do with manifesting creative abundance?

Trust is the gateway to freedom. If you want to run free like the horses you must learn to embrace

What does unconditional love have to do with creativity?

Have u been too judgmental of your own art or letting others judge you to the point where it crippled

Your Passion is Important

Your life purpose and mission, doing what you love is much bigger than you think. Your mission is important, you

Join us: “Unblock and Monetize Your Creative Talents

I hope you enjoy the lecture and the guided healing journey meditations along with the Q&A at the end! Enjoy!

The power of associating with the right people

I am here to support you, to walk with you in your path, that is my life purpose, my passion,

If you are fed up with being stuck in your financial growth in business, relationships or health problems, or your lack of creativity/direction with your life purpose, and you are ready for the next level, then...

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