How To Be Confident

In today’s video I would like to talk to you about confidence. A lot of people perceived me not to have in the past, and I did not have that for myself for a very long time, and these past few years I feel like I have come to a sort of quite confident. I think there are some people that are over do confident, but you can tell that it’s a confidence that comes from ego, and some people buy into it and belief in it.

I really don’t believe in that kind of confidence, It’s a confidence that comes from ego, that comes from an aggressive nature that is not confidence at all but revving yourself up to be the top dog. Interestingly enough people still do fall for it, and the kind of confidence that I am talking about is a kind of more quiet confidence.

Confidence that is enveloped in softness, love, and stillness and peace is authentic. And that is basically the true essence of Confidence.

There are so many levels of confidence so I am going to give you a few pieces of the puzzle piece that really worked for me.

The first lesson about confidence is that it comes from this underlying trust in yourself and trust in your creator as well as knowing your stuff to some extent.

Now lets talk about trust in yourself and faith in your creator. What is the opposite of that? When you don’t trust yourself, you are worried! You are afraid you are not good enough, the unknown and that your creator is not guiding you.

But that is not the truth, right? The truth is that the universe is always guiding you, always feeding you.

Now whether or not you have made the decision or not that you are going to allow that, do you even want to believe that that is true? And you have to make a decision whether or not you want to let that belief in. Its not even a belief, it’s the truth. The universe is guiding you at every single moment.

The best way to do that, that I have found is be in your heart. Now the heart is the center of love. This is what I have learned in The Course In Miracles. Worry is basically fear, now …The gateway to love (Love is your guide) is gratitude. You cannot feel love unless you feel grateful first. Interesting right? So that said if gratitude is the gateway to love, which vanishes all fear, and love is your guide to that higher level of confidence, then the first step is being in your heart, feel grateful for the universe. Feel grateful that the universe made you perfect, because the holy spirit seeing you as a perfect divine being.

Start feeling grateful for that. Trust that gratitude, decide, feel grateful, do a rampage of appreciation for yourself, grateful for god giving you life, gratitude that you are able to connect to love, gratitude for this life, gratitude that god has made you. Fill in the gratitude in all of those gaps of fear. 

Be grateful for the moment, yourself, your creator. Once you fill in that light of gratitude, love can start to enter and guide you confidence!

When you are grateful you cannot feel fear or worry. So if you want to mask that worry and and start that trust and confidence, it all starts with gratitude.

Then set the intention to listen to the brilliance and genius of love. Love is the ultimate genius, the ultimate vibration of god. God is love, so can you not be confident when love is guiding your heart? And you have that gratitude so its impossible to worry to come in.

Confidence does not mean knowing everything, confidence is knowing that you are connected to love always, and you can meet this situation perfectly by following your love. So I hope that helped and eye opening.

I hope that helped. I’m sending you so much love



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