Afraid of Public Speaking

I recently saw a post of this lady on facebook that was afraid of public speaking saying she was so nervous about public speaking and she ways say to please help her and how she can be more relaxed while public speaking.

It reminded me of all the times I freaked out and was nervous in the past, I remember I did a few speeches when I started my career, and the audience could tell that I was nervous, the audience could tell I was shaking.

I have done enough healing for myself in this area, that I have come to a place of a lot more confidence, a lot more trust in myself, able to stay in that stable of love for myself.

A couple of important things I wanted to say about this subject of public speaking. A lot of people, they are not comfortable with being surrounded by a lot of people. That said here are the tips.

Its none of your business what anyone thinks of you. I have seen this written in books as well as mentors telling me the same thing, and it really resonates as I am sure it resonates with you. Not that you don’t care about them, but the truth is if someone is judging you, they are coming from their egos, why would you care what someone’s ego thinks about you? Its an illusion, its not even real.

And if they are attacking you then obviously, take it as a compliment.  If someone does attack you, all that means is that you are doing better than them. That is all that it means. That is pretty profound!

The second tip I would like to give, about public speaking is focusing on healing them, loving them, getting that important message out there. Because when your afraid, your focus on the wrong thing and its all about you and how they are going to judge you. Turn it around and make your focus about helping them and loving them.

The focus is that you have a divine mission and purpose and the universe put me here for a reason. I have something here that others need, and if I keep focusing on the wrong things, I will miss my change of delivering what is really needed to the fullest level. Focus on the fact that somebody here needs to listen to this message and is probably starving to be loved with my message.

Maybe it might be just one person but that is more than enough to show up with love. Say “I’m going to change their life and I don’t care of what people think of me. I know I can change someone life. I have an important message for this audience and I love them.”

I hope that helped. I’m sending you so much love



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