Is There Such Thing As Competition

I want to talk to you today about the subject: is there such thing as competition? A few of my mentors said to me today, there is no such thing as competition and I truly believe that!

On a deep unconscious level I think a lot of us really do believe in it and what I feel like that word competition does is that it creates that energy of lack like there is not enough to go around and that is simply not true, even if you are doing the same thing, even if you have the same certification, its just simply not true, and the truth is, that you are an abundant being, you can make unlimited abundance, no matter what you do because you are unique you have your own inner genius that comes from your wise guidance and love.

There is more than enough space for two people with the same certification or careers. Your competition is not really your competition, you can call theme your colleagues.

If you are coming from a place that you have to tear someone down on what you are calling competition, it all just comes from fear, which is ultimately and illusion that creates more lack in your life.

This is an abundant universe no matter how many “competition” you have because you have an inner genius called love attracting abundance into your life.

Hope this helped! Much love


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