Modeling What is Already Working

I want to talk about modeling what is already working. When I first started my coaching career, I had a little trouble making things happen. I would say modeling was the only thing that helped me succeed, but it was tremendously helpful.

The first person I heard this from was from, Tony Robbins, and at the time, I would say I would model a lot of successful people, but the person that really hit me really hard with this message was one of my favorite authors and teachers was Russel Brunsen. Great guy, this is what I think a great gentleman really is! Big fan.

He teaches that modeling, in terms of how people dress, do their seminars, how they structure things, the form they write copy. I loved the way he explained it, because it was more specific modeling. Like what are successful people wearing on their blogs, what background are they using, I’m not saying plagiarize, I mean emulate without stealing people intellectual property and its out of integrity. Its about modeling the structure of things of people that are successful in your own way. Even things like what charities are they contributing? How many emails are they sending? How are they social media pages set up?

I hope you enjoyed the message, love you xo


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