Money Comes When You Do What You love

In today’s message, I want to talk about a phrase that you have probably heard and that is money comes when you do what you love. And I know some of you might say “Yeah, right! Where is my money?” I’m doing what I love and I am not making the money that I want. And some of you may be doing what you do love, and are seeing the results.

Now I have a lot to say about this subject, but I’m going to share the most important things about this subject. In a way it makes sense, because if you think about it this way, if your doing what you hate, and your suffering doing it, your not going to stick around with it long enough right? But if your doing something that you love, and you don’t let fear get in the way, and you give it your all, that love and that passion is what’s going to keep you going to make it happen. That’s where this quote makes sense right?

If your saying “No its not working that way, I’m not making the money that I want with my artwork, with my passion, whatever I am supposed to do here.” What I want to say about that is that I want to encourage you because you came here for a reason. If you know your purpose and your still struggling to expand and make the money you deserve then don’t give up!

It is possible to succeed! The only thing that is stopping you is those negative beliefs based on fear. And here is what I want to remind you is that you are going to die someday. Do you really want your life purpose to die in you without it being fully realized when you die?

Where there is a will, there is a way, where there is love, there is way. If you really love it, choose to look for those fear based thoughts, and change your perspective to love. And I really do believe that your passion is why you’re here and it is extremely possible for them to come to manifestation and abundance.

You can do anything when you put your mind to it. Love what you do and keep going!

I hope you enjoyed this message. Much love xo


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