5 Day Challenge Facebook Live

  • FaceBook live 30-45 min calls of free healing enegry transmissions.
  • Free subconcious blocks corrections on negative beliefs that block abundance.
  • 5 consecutive days, recordings available if you cant make the live FB video calls.

Reawaken Your Authentic Self

Stuck in your business and life purpose? Are you applying strategy, action and marketing without being able to scale much? Unclear about what inner blocks are holding you back? It doesn’t have to be this way. Divina's #1 International Bestselling Book, Reawaken Your Authentic Self, is your blueprint for unblocking your 4 bodies to maximize your success in business.

Abundance Enlightenment Party

Los Angeles, Ca

  • Uncover hidden abundance blocks and activate your enlightenment
  • 3 Day Live Event
  • Sheraton Hotel, Los Angeles 91601


If you are fed up with being stuck in your financial growth in business, relationships or health problems, or your lack of creativity/direction with your life purpose, and you are ready for the next level, then...

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