Intelligence enlightens truth and the truth shall set you free

 - Divina

Your Enlightenment is Much. More. Important. 

Than YOU Realize…your Success DEPENDS on it.

You DESERVE Financial Success And Freedom, perfect health, an awakened creative life purpose, and perfect relationship(s). The best version of your life DIRECTLY correlates to the best version of YOU as an Enlightened FreeSpirit.

We have a proven system to unblock this, to effortlessly achieve your heart's deepest desires.

Enlightenment for Success is Our Mission

The most important aspect of our lives to heal is coming into alignment with our true selves, which is another form of saying becoming enlightened. Without enlightenment humanity has become extremely blocked in manifesting true abundance on all levels. For many the primary abundance that they are looking for is financial success which is understandable because its the medium in which we can survive in this world. I can assure you that our powerful form of healing does heal this very important aspect within yourself because money flow is only energy and when correctly healed the flow increases exponentially.

Our slogan says "Enlightenment for Success" and we do mean financial abundance, but our mission is to activate unlimited success within you in every aspect of your life and align blocked energy into true abundance in every single aspect of your life. Our mission is to give you true abundance, not limited abundance, to even unblock those aspects of you that you did not even know are blocking you from read abundance to stretch and lovingly push you through levels of your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial and relationship growth you never even knew possible.


Founder of FreeSpirit

This is about absolute truth in the enlightened abundance that you really are. Your wisdom is here waiting for it to be activated to guide you to infinite abundance through True Enlightened Intelligence which is absolutely the only key to being a FreeSpirit in every aspect of your life.

Manifestation tools without True Enlightened Intelligence is limited because of misaligned energy. If manifestation practices have not worked for you in the pasts, its because there is unknown blocked energy your not aware of. Our mission is to reveal and heal you into true wholeness so you can succeed and live the life that you deserve.

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Meet Divina

Divina is a guide for men and women creating freedom and abundance in money, relationships, health and life! 

Divina Caballo’s passion and purpose is being a catalyst for men and women who want to create the best version of them, their life purpose, health, relationships and every facet of their lives. For the past decade she has been and continues to be a business mentor to many people as the founder of

The FreeSpirit Abundance program is based on two decades of her experience and the successful results that it has accomplished for our members. Divina has created a model that predictably helps you grow your revenues to unlimited income that you desire. It all starts with the subconcious beliefs and blocks to remove all the limitations. It also deals with any super-conscious blocks of creativity and higher wisdom for your life purpose and we deal with that also through the program.


Founder of FreeSpirit

Divina likes to say that the best version of your life and the results of your life always correlate to the how much the best version of you has been unblocked. It always starts with working and growing the three minds. Super-conscious, conscious and unconscious and we have the most cutting edge technology on the planet to do that. As Edgar Cayce who channeled the universal mind says “It is through the mind that leads to the “Christ”” that word Christ, can also be replaced with, UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE, LOVE, FREEDOM, JOY, HAPPINESS, PEACE, HEALTH, PERFECT RELATIONSHIPS. You may say, but what about marketing, doesn’t that lead me to abundance? Sure, marketing is absolutely important, but you cannot have unlimited abundance with limited beliefs that say “I am not worthy of money, and I am not good at marketing” you will always sabotage it, no matter how much marketing you have. 

Divina is the author of the #1 International Bestselling book “Reawaken Your Authentic Self” She is a Master Certified Coach for Enlightenment healing from her own certification program. Divina is a master healer that channels the divine and pinpoints exactly the blocks that are stoping your from achieving success in your life. Divina's gifts is in identifying the blindspots that you would not normally see that are misaligning you from achieving your greatest potential in your business and your life.

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We believe that it is everyone’s birthright to activate their true enlightened intelligence in this lifetime, because that is the true abundance and happiness.

We believe in loving you and supporting you in every step of the way

We believe in union and the support of community as the most efficient way to achieve your dreams

We believe that love has the power to create miracles, everything we do has love infused to it, and we hope you feel our love.

We believe that you are a perfect divine being here to do great things

We believe you can be a success and it is possible to achieve enlightenment in this lifetime for you, faster than you think.

We believe that the major work of the spiritual path is activating true enlightened intelligence and clearing out all the negative beliefs and energies from the all levels of the minds and being that you are and preplacing it with positive energy and beliefs.

We believe that expansion without joy is meaningless. Joy is the expansion, the key and the very definition of true success. The time to have fun, joy and celebrate is now, perfection is not required!

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Your Enlightenment is Much. More. Important. 

Than YOU Realize…your Success DEPENDS on it.

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