The mind can manifest bondage or it can manifest freedom

 - Divina

Our Purpose And Mission Is To Support Your Life’s Success.

As you may already know, life can be tough and can throw at you all sorts of difficult challenges to handle in business, your life purpose, relationships and health. Its good to know that every problem stems from dysfunctional codes that express themselves as your ego that might be hindering your creativity, money flow, relationship issue or health. The hard part is to know how to handle it, or even figure out what it really is that is holding you back deep in the subconscious.

The realty is that its not your fault, you did not come here to figure things out or do everything on your own, that is why we are here to help you unblock any lower frequency energies, negative beliefs that are holding you back and get you in such a high state and frequency, that you cannot help but succeed.

For most that are in business can find that they don’t have to struggle so much to make things happen, but naturally make things happen because they are no longer being sabotaged by their ego’s grip of negative beliefs and emotions.


Founder of FreeSpirit

We have a system specifically tailored for each person’s needs of unblocking the major unconscious blocks, add light and healing that shortens the path to enlightenment which is the key to success.

This is a proven system that has generated increase in income and success for clients all over the world. We not only activate the subconcious, but the super concious through our enlightenment activations and teach you how to use the conscious mind.

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Meet Divina

Welcome beloved,

Advocate for men and women creating freedom and abundance in money, relationships, health and life!

Divina Caballo’s passion and purpose is being a catalyst for men and women who want to create the best version of them, their life purpose, health, relationships and every facet of their lives. For the past decade she has been and continues to be a business mentor to many people as the founder of

The FreeSpirit Abundance program is based on two decades of her experience and the successful results that it has accomplished for our members. Divina has created a model that predictably helps you grow your revenues to unlimited income that you desire. It all starts with the subconcious beliefs and blocks to remove all the limitations. It also deals with any super-conscious blocks of creativity and higher wisdom for your life purpose and we deal with that also through the program.


Founder of FreeSpirit

Divina likes to say that the best version of your life and the results of your life always correlate to the how much the best version of you has been unblocked. It always starts with working and growing the three minds. Super-conscious, conscious and unconscious and we have the most cutting edge technology on the planet to do that. As Edgar Cayce who channeled the universal mind says “It is through the mind that leads to the “Christ”” that word Christ, can also be replaced with, UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE, LOVE, FREEDOM, JOY, HAPPINESS, PEACE, HEALTH, PERFECT RELATIONSHIPS. You may say, but what about marketing, doesn’t that lead me to abundance? Sure, marketing is absolutely important, but you cannot have unlimited abundance with limited beliefs that say “I am not worthy of money, and I am not good at marketing” you will always sabotage it, no matter how much marketing you have. 

Divina is the author of the #1 International Bestselling book “Reawaken Your Authentic Self” She has mastered activating the greatest creativity and higher wisdom by activating the super-conscious mind as a certified “Light Body” Healer, a Master of 20+ years of “Ascension Activation Mediations” Healer. She has mastered unblocking subconcious abundance blocks in health, relationships, abundance and life as a certified “Platinum Life System™” practitioner (As of Jan 1st 2021) and has mastered activating the conscious mind for greater manifestation powers as a certified Law of Attraction Coach. Divina is also certified in Reconnective healing and The Reconnection by Eric Pearl which is similar to reiki healing transmission of energy.

Here is what my dear friends and FreeSpirit members know about me:

  • I love shooting bow and arrow virtual love arrows to everyone.
  • I love giving heart warming hugs.
  • I truly believe in the power of Freedom through mastering the tree minds
  • I believe in integrity and the power of vulnerability.
  • I love tea, and throwing a great tea party, even if its virtually on Tuesdays
  • I love to celebrate life at every moment, and I love music and dancing
  • I always say yes to healthy choices, alkaline water, tea, greens
  • Gratitude is an everyday ritual in my life
  • Lavender is my essential oil of choice, its soothing and sincere.
  • I love to read and analyze and question things, its my pleasure.
  • I love designing clothing, check it out here
  • I love health products and staying super healthy, I am an affiliate of Health Force.
  • I have my own skincare line FreeSpirit Organic Skin Care, I love caring for skin!
  • I am a clairvoyant and I channel information through pictures
  • I am deeply in love with life and loving others back to life
  • I had a past life in Egypt as Hathor.
  • I’m really funny, I can be really funny at times.
  • I believe everyone came here for enlightenment, which is the key to everything you ever wanted, money, health, perfect relationship, joy, love
  • My life purpose is to activate yours so you can realize your dreams at a much bigger level than you ever dreamed of
  • I took the 4th initiation of enlightenment the year 2012 and beginning baby stages of the 7th initiation of enlightenment March 25 2020 My income has taken off, as well as my relationships and health.
  • I currently live in Los Angeles, love the weather!
  • Born in Dec 7, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. English Dad, and Dominican Mom. I was born The day my teacher and guru Dr. Joshua Stone was born on Dec 7.1953 I did not know that was his birthday until I was nudged by the universe to look it up. He is the one who ‘s ascension activations I heal with and teach in my program. Joshua (incarnation of Osiris) died on my twin flames birthday. I was a previous incarnation of Hathor, who in that lifetime married Horus (my twin flame) the son of Isis and Osiris, now I have a similar mission of what happened in that life time which was to bring the teaching of enlightenment of ancient Egypt of awakening the 3 minds for manifesting abundance to help bring the 7th Golden Age of Aquarius.
  • I have an awakened ageless “enlightened” body and I am so eager to teach this as a separate class in the FreeSpirit Health program.

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We believe that it is everyone’s birthright to ascended and attain enlightenment in this lifetime, because that is the end to suffering and all problems.

We believe in loving you and supporting you in every step of the way

We believe in union and the support of community as the most efficient way to achieve your dreams

We believe that love has the power to create miracles, everything we do has love infused to it, and we hope you feel our love.

We believe that you are a perfect divine being here to do great things

We believe you can be a success and it is possible to achieve enlightenment in this lifetime for you, faster than you think.

We believe that the major work of the spiritual path is activating the superconscious mind and clearing out all the negative egotistical beliefs from the conscious and subconscious mind and replacing them with the spiritual pattern of the christ.

We believe that expansion without joy is meaningless. Joy is the expansion, the key and the very definition of true success. The time to have fun, joy and celebrate is now, perfection is not required!

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Your Enlightenment is Much. More. Important. 

Than YOU Realize…your Success DEPENDS on it.

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