Being Then Doing Then Having

Today we are talking about Be –Do –Have. This is the basic formula for manifestation. A lot of us today are confused and thing its all about doing in order to have what we want.

In order to have something, we must be something first. Now what does that mean? Basically it means that if you do not believe that you already have something on an energetic level then you are blocking it and not allowing yourself to manifest correctly.

Do you feel wealth? If you don’t feel it its very hard to manifest it. Do you believe that you already are a millionaire, do you believe that you already have a million dollar mind? How does the thought of being a multimillionaire feel to you? Do you feel like that’s not you? How does it feel when you think of yourself as a multimillionaire? Do you feel resistance or you feel like you have it already?

The first step is that on an energetic level, especially on a subconcious level, are you focusing on being these things? Are you focusing and being those truths in order to manifest those goals for yourself?

I also want to say that its important to imaging them as if they already happened for you, so embodying them energetically, but visualizing it as if is already there.

Be do have by the way was introduced to me by the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki, and the part about doing to me is this very important message: If it feels like a struggle when your doing and your not getting anywhere, your not being enough.

If it feels like inspired doing, if it feels like your loving it and your energetically into it, and things come easily, then you are being enough.

Now I know that we all have to take action from where we are at to survive and pay our bills, but also make sure that every day your embodying that being part.

I hope you enjoyed this message. Much love xo


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