Why Enlightenment Attracts Abundance

Hi this is Divina and today I wanted to talk about a little bit about what happened to me over last weekend. I had about 2500 people, almost 3000 people now, its almost the end of the week, its thursday, and its pretty close to 3000 friends and viewers. But over the weekend, over the 2 days i had 2500 people add me straight away, my phone on facebook doesn’t stop ringing, people left and right calling saying hi how are you, trying to get to know me. And i was pretty surprised, why is this happening? Im not advertising for getting more friends on my facebook. And i realized this: As of Jan 27 of 2021 where these dragons, two dragons woke up and i was told that I hit the top of the rung of integrated enlightenment. If you follow my work, the ascended master Djwal Khul has a scale of enlightenment of 1-7. Seven being the top of the rung of integrated enlightenment, and also Dr. Joshua David Stone has his on scale of 23 levels, so basically i was a 22 degree initiate and I just hit the 23rd rung of integrated enlightenment, as of jan 27, i just hit the very top. Not to say that Im done growing because there are parts of it that need to fill in, but Im just saying that the top of the rung was hit. And thats a pretty great accomplishment! And I have been working on it for 20 years now, trying to accomplish this, and I finally hit that rung, so its been 2 decades of work of just working it away, clearing the energy, clearing the karma, clearing the bad stuff.

So after that I kept clearing and clearing so the energy would get stronger and apparently mid march of this year i just got 2500 clients because of it. I realized its very important to understand this: People want integrated enlightenment, thats what i got from this experience with all these people attracted to me. Because they picked up on that energy of enlightenment on my facebook page and that is the reason why they added me, thats the reason why the call me every 5 minutes on facebook chat, thats the reason why people are texting me, they keep calling over and over, every morning and every night they send me pictures of roses and chocolate and sunset views, some of the probably just hang out all day on my page just to get my energy.

This is to go to show you that, even some of the are asking me out on dates, but thats not really what they are looking for, they are looking for enlightenment within themselves.

So what does that mean for you? Why I want to tell you is that it is very possible for you to accomplish it and because I just hit the top of the run of enlightenment, obviously Im there thank you god, I have been working diligently on it for a very long time. And thats not to say that i don’t have room to grow, there is still so much more, its en endless journey, but on a planetary level I just hit the top of the rung.

But I wanted to invite you to accomplish integrated enlightenment, imagine what it would do for your business and the thousands of people you can naturally attract because of the aura that you are projects. I can teach you and show you the way, if you have not sign up yet for the five day challenge, click on the yellow 5 day challenge button on our home page and sign up! Let’s do this! See you there!

Much love to you, xo


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