The Power of Prayer

In today video what I want to talk to you about is the power of prayer. I have heard about prayer in all sorts of places, I remember the first time when it hit home for me was when I was reading Neal Donald Walshes books Conversations With God.

In the book God was telling Neal, don’t pray as a plead to God, pray as you have already received it by thanking God. This really comes full circle in terms of embodying your goals as if you already have it which is the first key to manifestation. What I want to say the power of prayer is that a lot of people are not taking advantage of it as much as they should.

In A Course In Miracles it says, that a miracle is received through prayer. I remember I was praying already when I read that, but I thought it was really beautiful to think that I can pray for everything at every moment of my life.

Prayer is something so beautiful because your strengthening your connection with your creator. And you are allowing your creator to become at one with you. Also pray from a place of love, not of your ego. Your ego wants material things, or you can pray from a superficial level.

There is nothing wrong with praying for money obviously. I do, but prayer is something that should be done from a place of wanting to manifest the divine destiny that is yours and using that as a medium to take you there much faster and efficiently.

If you have never prayed before and pray for love, more light, more peace, more abundance, protection, the right teacher, health. Its there for you and its free. Hope you loved the inspiration for today.

May you be blessed, may you be loved.

Blessings, xo


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