The Power of Community

You know when I was growing up I did not realize the power of community, I would isolate myself a lot. I realized I wanted to be a clothing designer, and a coach, and it was not until I hired some mentors that had their own private communities, that I realize the power of community.

When I started to join not only one to one coaches but that had community that I could join, and be inspired by others that were successful, and success oriented, I realized that this was an energetic vortex, that would fuel me and inspire my life purpose and overall fulfillment in my life.

I realized that this was a very important part of success. Connection will like minded success oriented people and avoiding those people that criticize you and attack you. And surrounding yourself with people that community of people that supports you and loves you, because life can be hard there are a lot of critics out there and haters out there, and that is why I wanted to create FreeSpirit because I believe in the power of community. Whomever you want to do it with get one! Do you have  health community, do you have a spiritual community? Look where there communities support you and love you.

If you don’t have that its time because you cannot do it alone, there is no such thing as a self made millionaire, there is always someone behind you supporting you!

I hope you are inspired to join community that are supportive!

Be well, much love xo


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