Intend Joy in Everything

I wanted to talk to you today about the power of intending joy. Not only the power of intending joy but intending it every moment of your life. In every little section every moment of your life. So obviously the power of joy can move mountains.

It can dissolve procrastination, it can help you get more energized with the things that you are supposed to do.

It might not have occurred to you that every moment of your life to consciously intent joy in every segment of your life and ask yourself how can intend joy in this moment. Many of us never think about every moment and just generally intend for the day.

Ask yourself what do I need specifically to enjoy this moment, do I need music, do I need to focus on a certain subject? Do I need to have a brand new outfit? Do I need to work out with a friend, What would make it the most amazing joyous workout, what do I need to think about what do I need to visualize while im working out, maybe your on the beach while your working out.

When you workout, now its shower time, ask yourself how can you have the most amazing shower, and after that now you are at work, and then ask yourself how can you have the most amazing two hours of work on your computer?

This is an exiting way to intend joy and maximize it in your life. That is what life is about to have joy! So have fun!

Have a beautiful joyful day, much love xo


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