Gratitude is The Gateway to Love

Today we are talking about how gratitude is the gateway to love. This was inspired by the book A Course in Miracles in page 95 that rang a bell in me and I felt compared to share it. This idea took my concept of gratitude to a much deeper level and I am much more grateful for gratitude.

The phrase that really gave me that epiphany that ding ding ding aha moment, was when it said “You cannot love anything unless you are grateful for it first”

Doesn’t that blow your mind? You cannot love anything without first appreciating anything, including you, god, your work, your enemies. You must appreciate it all first before you come to love it. It is impossible to feel gratitude with fear, but it is impossible to feel fear with gratitude. Gratitude is the gateway to love because it eliminates fear and fear is the opposite of love.

Do you so how profound gratitude is? So my assignment for you today is fill your life with gratitude every moment of your life. Where are those gaps of fear to fill in with gratitude? Why are you afraid? Know that the antidote to fear is gratitude.

Be grateful for yourself, the universe, your work, everything even your enemies and those things that went wrong for you.

Hope you loved this message, xo


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