Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

I wanted to talk to you about getting outside your comfort zone. You know I have heard so many people say that once you get outside your comfort zone that is when your success begins!

I believe that once you get outside your comfort zone by losing weight or getting the courage to do public speaking, or going the extra mile, or doing things that you are normally not use to, that really is the way to success is getting outside that comfort zone.

What I want to emphasize here, is that its not necessary to overdo it. I think a little bit at a time is good enough. Sometimes when we get too much outside of our comfort zone, you might overreact, like say you know you are going to set the goal to lose weight and you over do it and your extremely outside your comfort zone. This might shock your body too much and then it backfires and you gain the weight back. This might take you off balance.

There are certain times where I remember I over did things, like over exercising and it backfired on me because I did it so quickly. So I had to take time off and then start all over again. So its important to find that balance of slowly getting outside your comfort zone.

What if you thought that getting outside of you comfort zone was not painful, but exiting? Getting outside of your comfort zone can be just as exiting as anything else just set the intent to do so. It can be a delicious experience, full of love and enthusiasm!

I hope you liked this message, much love xo


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