FreeSpirit is now 100 percent virtual

Since covid-19 happened early 2020, times have been uncertain about what is going to happen. Many businesses have changed the way they do business to create safety for their customers. Our business is no exception. We have had plans to create in person events for our programs, but that is currently on hold. We don’t know when it could be safe for us to hold in person gatherings or one to one healing sessions, mentoring or coaching.

It might take 2 years, or it might take longer. What we do know is that for the most part our plans was to keep most of our classes, healing sessions and mentoring live virtually via video conferencing. The healing transmissions are just the same and as powerful as the live meetings. And you get to keep the recordings of the healing sessions; which is a plus. The other benefit is that you can be in the comfort of your home, without spending for travel. The closeness and intimacy feeling is intact and even more personally connected perhaps, as we are only a few feet away from each other in live video conferencing.

It has become really clear for us, that in order to maximize the engagement that we can get on an online event we decided to consciously create an online environment where we have eye to eye contact by engaging through the camera, sending love through our eyes. Asking you questions and participate at the beginning, during and after our healing sessions in our programs. This keeps your attention focused and energized. You will notice a completely engaged experience full of joy, connection, love, intimacy, healing, and learning with us that you would not expect during a live videoconference.

So we are so happy to express to you in this moment, that even though our in person events may not be for a while, these meetings are just as good if not better than the in person events that we were planning to have. Expect the online experience to be fun, and always an experience that you are exited to look forward to.

There will also be engagement with your new peers on our online community through our Facebook groups and you have the option of paring yourself up with an accountability buddy during the program so share your experience and journey as you go through the program.

The benefits of a covid-safe experience, saving for travel expenses, while still maintaining a highly engaged community, loving connection and healing and transformation is a win-win.

If you haven’t gone through our 5 Day Abundance Challenge, we highly recommend you do so by clicking on the FREE HEALING tab at the top. After that you can reach out to us for a free chat under LET’S CHAT at the top right of the navigation bar also to explore if working with us would be the right fit for you.

Love, Joy and Wisdom,
The FreeSpirit Team
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