Comparing Yourself To Others

Today I wanted to talk to you about comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others, am I thin enough, am I more beautiful enough, am I wealthy enough compared to these people? Gosh I’m not enough, because I am not as beautiful ad the girl on the magazine.

So comparison monster, is very much of the ego. And what I want to say about comparison, is that the only person that you need to compare yourself with is yourself and your own improvement.

How much more have I improved from the past? Am I doing better or am I going backwards. The only real competitor that you have is you. There is no such as even, there is no path that another person has that says you are doing less than or better than.

Everybody has their own unique path in their own unique way. The way your face was made, your height, your voice, how you sound, the color of you hair, your mission is very unique and different from another person, so this comparison monster has no real value to you if you doing it to another person because they have a different puzzle piece. It is impossible to compare yourself with a different unique puzzle piece.

All you have is you. Love those people that you have compared yourself. When you love them and bless them, blessings and abundance come back to you.

Much love to you, xo


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