Your Enlightenment is Much. More. Important. 

Than YOU Realize…your Success DEPENDS on it.

You DESERVE Financial Success And Freedom, perfect health, an awakened creative life purpose, and perfect relationship(s). The best version of your life DIRECTLY correlates to the best version of YOU as an Enlightened FreeSpirit.

We have a proven system to unblock this, to effortlessly achieve your heart's deepest desires.

Within the FreeSpirit Abundance program, we help you unblock ALL of your SUBCONCIOUS programing and SUPERCONSCIOUS dormant states that causes 90% of your money flow issues, your full infinite creativity in your life purpose, any relationship issues regarding twin flame or soul mate, and help you achieve perfect health.

Are you ready to finally achieve the life of your dreams with an abundance of money, health and perfect relationship(s)?

At FreeSpirit we GET YOU, you have invested so much money in making your business happen, your relationships and health, and yet you come up short. Maybe you have had some success in these areas, maybe great success, but you have plateud, perhaps a dry spell in your biz, but there is always another level, so….What is missing? Are you listening closely? ITS NOT. ABOUT. WORKING. HARDER. Or more effort. YOUR LIFE WILL NOT. CANNOT. TRULLY. CHANGE, unless you shift from the DEEPEST. ENERGETIC PART. OF. YOU. In your subconcious lies deep hidden blocks, you are not even aware of that are hindering your success.

This is just a faulty programming that is hiding the real ENLIGHTENED YOU that is ALREADY THERE. This is where the MAGIC lives, where your every desire just naturally flows into your life.

The FreeSpirit Abundance program is broken out in two stages for your enlightenment journey.

Ready to Activate Abundance?

If you are wondering why the law of attraction did not work for you, nor did that marketing course you took to make millions, or that you work hard getting no where, its not your fault, you have dysfunctional subconcious codes, nobody taught you how to get rid of.

In this year of the program, everything is new, you are just getting your feet wet in what it really is to become a powerful manifestation attractor through activating enlightenment and clearing the subconcious blocks. MIRACLES THAT YOU HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED! This is where our healing will grow your light quotient massively so you reach higher states of awareness and consciousness that allow you to not only BE IN A STATE OF ALLOWING (where the universe delivers unblocked abundance), but also reach higher levels of unexplainable creativity for your life purpose, knowing what to do exactly in your business and life, attract your divine partner, and being able to discern more sharply. This energy that you activate during the first year, is that hidden magnetism that attracts your every desire in business and relationships, no matter how little other successful marketing programs worked for you, or unsuccessful in relationships or personal life.

Ready to Integrate Abundance?

We continue to build your light quotient to become enlightened, but there is a step further than enlightenment, there is integrated enlightenment. You are BECOMING A WHOLE SPIRIT. In this wholeness of integration lies your true self. We have been also working with integration in the ACTIVATE program, however we continue even deeper on this second level. You know the activate program with the 8 major facets of enlightenment from the previous first level. This integrate program is about integrating your enlightenment even deeper and for many finishing your 7 levels of initiation of enlightenment. Repetition is the key to becoming a master and this second level is about mastery. We also introduce our new spiritual healing of light body to open deeper levels of creative consciousness and bliss. This is where we expect most of you to have achieved a higher level of enlightenment and activation of the higher self and completion of your planetary ascension. You will expand your grounding, mastering, and expanding even more financially, relationships, health or personal blocks. Also note, there are 7 levels of integrated enlightenment and we want to help you finish in this year your 7 levels if appropriate at the time of taking it.

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It reminded me of all the times I freaked out and was nervous in the past

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